4 Important Uses for a Bathroom Before the Dreaded First Date

There’s something so exciting yet nerve-wrecking about first dates. It creates a feeling inside that is unlike any that  you have ever felt before.

The never ending list of what ifs whizzing around in your head and the simple thought that you could be meeting someone that is perfect for you. The anticipation is overwhelming and really quite wonderful.

Here are some of our best tips for getting yourself feeling ready for anything as you head out that door into a night full of possibility.

  1. The Relaxing Soak

If your nerves are through the roof and you’re even considering the thought of cancelling then a cosy bubble bath is exactly what you need! Light up those candles, pour in some bubbles and turn that relaxing music up!

A relaxing soak is a must before preparing for that hot date so be sure to allow yourself enough time to fully appreciate it! Let the stresses of the week drain away with the water down the drain and keep a calm and clear mind for the night ahead.

  1. Beauty Station

There’s nothing better than having an organized space where all of your beauty essentials are easily accessed, whether it be in your very practical drawer boxes, fancy storage baskets or even within the practicalities of a mirror cabinet. Switch on the LED lighting of that mirror to give you the glow you need and get those brushes at the ready!

If you have the luxury of a Bluetooth mirror or have a wonderful waterproof speaker system installed and you’re really feeling brave you could even blast some feel good music. Just be sure not to dance around to wildly when you apply that flick of eyeliner!

  1. Pep Talk

You may be feeling like you‘ve come around full circle and are back to being nervous so this step is really important! It’s time to turn the music right down and compose yourself.

Ensure that the area that surrounds you is clear to avoid any extra stress and take some calming deep breathes. Take a long hard look in that mirror and truly appreciate all of the hard work that you have put in so far! Give yourself that much needed pep talk (whether it be out loud or in your head, we won’t judge!) and be sure to remind yourself of how amazing you really are.

Do you feel ready for anything now?

  1. Final Checks

Last but not least you need to double check that you haven’t forgotten anything! Is every hair in place?  Does that lip colour match your outfit? Is every eyelash perfectly positioned? Check, check & CHECK!

A final quick spray of perfume and then check your bag to make sure you’ve got all of your emergency essentials in there. Breathe mints? Lipstick? Emergency taxi fare (just in case the date is a complete disaster)? Check, check & CHECK!

If you want to be really organised then you could even get things ready for when you return, get your make-up removal wipes out, hang your pyjamas on the towel rail and you could even fill the kettle up and get your mug out ready with a tea bag in it! All you have to do then is come in take off your coat and shoes, flick the kettle on so that it boils while you’re wiping your make-up off and dressing down and then you can make a quick cup of tea and relax while reflect on the night you’ve had.